Revitalized Downtown

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Rich in history, Big Spring has long been a popular West Texas destination due to the nearby “big spring.” Through the late 1800s, the town expanded with the addition of the railroad and continued to grow into the 1930s. The city’s population fluctuated over the next half-century but began to grow again into the 2000s, spurring interest in the historic downtown area, which prompted its revitalization along with several notable landmarks. 

Hotel Settles: The Crown Jewel of West Texas

Opened in 1930, Hotel Settles is an architectural icon of Big Spring. At the time. it was the tallest building between El Paso and Ft. Work, with 15-stories and 150 rooms. A $30 million revitalization was undertaken after its 2006 purchase, restoring the hotel to its former glory.

Municipal Auditorium: A Big Spring Landmark

Big Spring Municipal Auditorium was constructed in 1931 with a seating capacity of 1,412. The auditorium was renovated in 1988 and again in 2016 when it was retrofitted with modern lighting and sound systems and was made ADA accessible to the public. It is used for events throughout the year and Big Spring Symphony performances.

Downtown Revitalization Efforts

Downtown revitalization efforts have spurred growth and the addition of unique establishments such as The Train Car Cigar Bar, SheBrews Coffee, Desert Flower Art|Bar, Queens of the Dude Ranch, and Famous|Elle. The area has become a cultural hub with a thriving business community and offers a variety of shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Shopping, Dining, & Night Life

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What Other Businesses Are Downtown?
  • Splurge (boutique)

  • The Wardrobe (boutique)

  • She Brews Coffee Shop

  • Lumbre Bar and Grill

  • Mazcal Sports Bar

  • The Desert Flower Art|Bar and Lounge

  • The Train Car Cigar Bar

  • Jayz’s Bar and Grill

  • Queens of the Dude Ranch (boutique)

  • Elle|Boutique

  • Business Offices