Air/Industrial Park

Big Spring Rail in front of industrial park

Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, the former WEBB Airforce Base, is a general aviation airport owned and operated by the City of Big Spring. Regular aviation activities include agricultural spraying, corporate use, flight instruction, and recreational flying. 

Feet of Runway
Miles of Big Spring Rail Line

The airport supports the local economy and provides several community-based services and programs to enhance the health, safety, welfare, and quality of life of area citizens. The airport also hosts several fly-ins and air shows and maintains the Hangar 25 Air Museum. In 2007, the airport hosted the Hang Gliding World Championships.

Airport Amenities
  • Runway 17/35: 8,800’/100’ wide concrete N-S Runway 

  • Runway 06/24: 4,600’/75’ wide Asphalt E-W Runway

  • RNAV (GPS) approaches to all runways

  • A VORTACW facility located 12 miles north of the airport

  • An FAA radio relay tower on the airport

  • Lighted runways and taxiways

  • Hangars, both open Storage and T-Hangars available

  • Aircraft Tie-Downs available

  • An FBO (Fixed Base Operator) on the airport for aircraft maintenance and fuel

  • Fuel Available:  Jet A and 100 LL. Truck delivery with 24 hr. self-serve for 100LL

  • Office space and storage facilities located on the airport

  • Spacious Modern Terminal

  • Fire Station located on the Airport

  • Air-Evac Helicopter is stationed on the Airport

  • 300+ of clear flying weather

Since 2008, Big Spring EDC has completed numerous infrastructure rehabilitation and addions, including runway upgrades, four phases of rail expansion, and new access roads to ensure economic viability for Big Spring and Howard County.

Airport/Industrial park Improvements
  • 008- $850,000 upgrade to airport runway to accommodate the landing of 737 aircraft

  • 2011- $28,303 rail upgrade to existing user

  • 2012- $150,000 rail upgrade of main BSR line into the Industrial Park

  • 2012- $496,930 rail expansion (Phase 1)

  • 2014- $284,203 funded City Master Plan to include the Airport/Industrial Park Master Plan

  • 2015- $1,004,997 rail expansion (Phase 2) 2,345 ft of track

  • 2015- $3,380,000 rail expansion (Phase 3) 7,600 ft of track

  • 2018- $2,475,850 rail expansion (Phase 4) 8,180 ft of track

  • 2019- $2,462,767 rail upgrade of main BSR line from UP main line

  • 2020-2021- $6,000,000 built 2 access roads into the airport/industrial park from the HWY 87 Reliever Route (2.5 miles)

Air/Industrial Park Master Plan

The Big Spring Airport/Industrial Park has all the desirable building characteristics that companies look for. Available hanger space with runway access is great for startups with the option to build to suit. Existing water, sewer are all readily available for businesses wishing to establish in the park. 

Industrial Park Developments

The development map shown below shows the surrounding areas for development in Big Spring. Viewing the map can be illustrated by the list below:

  • Red lines - existing rail

  • Blue lines - existing water

  • Green lines - existing sewer