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Big Spring EDC is fully invested in the future of our community. We welcome business ventures that will improve quality of life through the creation of job opportunities that create a strong economic base and raise the standard of living for our community. From our location to a healthy business climate, companies that locate in Big Spring will find substantial advantages.

Strategic Location
Location at I-20 and US Hwy 87 provides unparalleled opportunities.
Low Taxes
Invest more into your business with no state income tax and low local taxes.
Competitive Incentives
Establish and grow your business with a variety of incentive packages.
Strong Community
Find innovation and growth with a supportive and engaging community.
Whether you are an established local entity who desires to expand, an existing company wanting to relocate or expand or a new organization seeking the ideal site, we are here to assist you with every step.
Mark Willis, Executive Director of Big Spring EDC