Target Industries

Man working on equipment with wires

From logistics and oil and gas to agriculture and renewable energy, Big Spring’s central West Texas location, access to I-20 and the Ports to Plains Corridor, available space, low tax base, sets your business up for success. Big Spring defines these specific industries for the relocation or expansion of primary jobs.

Aerial view of rail cars parked
Transportation and Distribution

BSEDC places a strong focus on developing logistical operations. Positioned at the crossroads of West Texas, Big Spring is a natural transportation and distribution hub. The city is the former home of Webb Air Force base with an 8,800 ft. runway and state-of-the-art air terminal, along with facilities suitable for national and global shipping and distribution and service by Union Pacific Railroad and Big Spring Rail.

Aerial view of of a plant operations
Oil and Gas Energy

Howard County has a strong tradition of oil and gas exploration and production. It has been a primary industry in the area and a major contributor to the local economic base. Big Spring is home to one of the largest inland refineries in the country and is highly suitable for processing, distribution, drilling, and refining, with supplemental services including oil well servicing, oil field supply, and equipment manufacturing. 

Crop field going into the distance

BSEDC understands the importance of local and national agriculture production. We place a high priority on developing agriculture-related industry, manufacturing, and distribution. The agricultural sector is well established in Big Spring, which is home to a major cotton storage distribution coop. 

Wind turbines in a field
Renewable Energy

One of the first sites for wind energy and production in the central United States, Big Spring has welcomed the quickly expanding renewable energy industry. The area offers an abundance of wide-open spaces suitable for the installation of wind and solar farms, with utility-scale solar projects planned for the area. These renewable energy projects are opening the doors for supply chain industries in the region, and training programs for renewable energy-related jobs are offered at the high school and community college. 

Nurse guiding a patient for a CAT scan
Health Care

Big Spring has a reputation for being a center for health care. The city boasts a 150-bed private hospital, VA Medical Center, State mental health facility, and a Texas State Veterans Home. Big Spring is also home to a premier rehabilitation facility that provides physical and occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, wellness programs, and a multitude of other services.